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Koh Rong update:


I hope life is getting easier for all of you around the world.

As we all know, it has been a very unstable couple of years and hopefully the world will bounce back soon. Cambodia is starting to relax the quarantine laws and have included Koh Rong in the “travel bubble” with borders opening soon.

Please check all of the government visa rules and news sites to get the exact information on when you can travel and what your requirements will be.

Here at Koh Rong Property we stayed through this pandemic and now are entering our 6th year as the first & only full time agency on Koh Rong.

KohRongProperty.com has moved permanently to KohRong.com/property but all of our social networks and contact numbers and email address is still the same.

We believe as we always have, that Koh Rong is a great place to see and explore and we would love to show you around.

Due to the pandemic, there has been an obvious downturn in business on Koh Rong and many of the business owners closed due to obvious reasons. To be fully transparent, the Koh Rong tourist and lifestyle businesses were hit hard as was the rest of Cambodia and like all countries have suffered in some way from travel restrictions, lockdowns and uncertainty.

As we head into Christmas and New Year 2022, we feel that global restrictions are easing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.

Is it time to relocate to an island paradise and get away from those western ideologies and restrictions? That is your decision, but if you are looking for a more simpler beach life where you can live and decide how you want to live, Koh Rong might be worth thinking about.

Koh Rong has never been locked down throughout Covid and our rights were respected, and although there were some health related policies, the island has been an unrestricted isolated paradise.

Koh Rong has a bright future and we are starting to build our real estate listing portfolio again and be ready for when the world opens up.

Stay informed as we grow the tourism market back to its full potential and bring investment and pioneers to this island paradise.

We will update this page again very soon, if you have any questions or would like us to act as a buyers agent to find the exact property for you, contact us at kohrongproperty@gmail.com and we will handle your needs.

We hope to see you all soon and thanks for stopping by!

Kind Regards

Brad King