Koh Rong Real Estate Market

Koh Rong Real Estate Market: Present and Future Prospects


Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Rong has emerged as an enchanting tropical paradise. Boasting pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush jungles, the island’s allure continues to captivate visitors and investors alike. The Koh Rong real estate market is witnessing an upward trend. This article will delve into the current state of the market and shed light on its future prospects for those seeking to invest in this exotic destination. If you are interested in exploring investment opportunities or seeking further information about Koh Rong’s real estate opportunities, we’ll also provide you with the right contacts to tap into.

Current Scenario:

Over the past decade, Koh Rong has experienced significant development and transformation. What once was an untouched island is now teeming with potential for real estate investors who seek promising opportunities in a thriving tourism market. Resorts, villas, and boutique hotels have sprung up along the beaches, catering to both luxury vacationers and eco-conscious travelers.

The market’s current demand is driven by the increasing number of tourists flocking to Koh Rong. Drawn by the island’s pristine natural beauty, vibrant marine life. and the growing reputation as a top-notch travel destination. The island has attracted international attention, with the prestigious National Geographic listing Koh Rong as one of the world’s top twenty beaches. Consequently, property values have seen steady appreciation, offering investors impressive returns and capital growth potential.

Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, prospects for the Koh Rong real estate market are highly promising. As a part of Cambodia’s strategic economic plan, the government has designated Koh Rong as a key tourism development zone. The Royal Group is aiming to transform it into a sustainable luxury tourism destination. With infrastructure improvements, such as upgraded transportation connections, enhanced utilities, and expanded services, the island is poised for further growth.

The Cambodian government’s commitment to attracting investors and the increase in international flights to nearby Sihanoukville International Airport are further driving factors. The island’s potential lies not only in residential properties but also in commercial, hospitality, and eco-resort developments. This will present a range of investment opportunities catering to diverse interests and budgets.

Who to Contact for More Information:

The potential of the Koh Rong real estate market is huge, contact a real estate professional for more information. To get accurate insights, ensure you connect with reputable real estate agents and developers with a strong track record in the region. They will guide you through the legal and logistical aspects of investing in Koh Rong, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

Some dependable sources for information and assistance in the Koh Rong real estate market include:

1. Koh Rong Property: Known for their vast real estate listings and in-depth market knowledge, Koh Rong Property assists investors in finding the perfect residential or commercial property. They can also provide detailed market reports and investment analysis to help you make informed choices. Koh Rong Property are the only full time real estate agency on Koh Rong and have been since 2016.

2. Realestate.com.kh: This popular online platform serves as a comprehensive resource for real estate in Cambodia, including Koh Rong. It offers an extensive database of properties, market trends, and contact details of reputable agents and developers.


Koh Rong’s real estate market is currently thriving, providing a range of investment opportunities to those captivated by the island’s natural beauty and rising popularity. With its ongoing growth and development plans, the future prospects for the market are highly promising. By reaching out to Koh Rong Property, and utilizing online platforms like Realestate.com.kh, prospective investors can gather the necessary information to capitalize on this thriving real estate market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of Koh Rong’s exciting journey towards becoming a renowned luxury tourism destination.