Koh Rong Beaches

Sok San Beach is highly regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in the world. With beautiful azure blue water and miles of powdery white sand, Sok San is a paradise for all travelers. Accommodation is catered for on any budget,  with 5 star hotels, 3 star hotels and closer to Sok San Village basic accommodation is on offer

Long Set Beach is a beautiful beach on the east coast of Koh Rong. There is accommodation for all budgets from backpackers dorms & tents on the beach to beautiful hotel rooms with swimming pools and upmarket dining and services. There really is something for every budget and age group and is must see on your arrival to Koh Rong.

Lonely Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Rong, with stunning sunset views and views out to Pineapple Island, this palm tree lined beach is post card perfect and is ideal for any traveler looking for quiet and solitude. A great holiday location away from the the main areas, Lonely Beach is accessible by road / track or by boat.

Pagoda Beach is a paradise, with beautiful boutique resorts making it the perfect destination for a romantic weekend or honeymoon. All of the accommodation on offer are mid to high, and with beach chic modern resort designs with beachfront swimming pools, Pagoda Beach gives you a feeling of being pampered.

Coconut Beach is a very beautiful beach loved holiday makers of all ages. This small beach has a variety of accommodation at all price points and is the perfect area for families and backpackers. If you are looking for a tent on the beach or an air conditioned room, there are plenty of options and can be accessed by all main ferries.

Rumdoul Beach is a quiet beach area with relaxed beach front bungalows and natural surroundings. This is an ideal beach to stay fairly secluded for total relaxation, and read a book and drink cocktails at the bar / restaurant. Rumdoul Beach is a nice small beach with low to mid range accommodation.

Palm Beach is a small Beach located near Prek Svay. The views to Song Saa  island are beautiful and you can access Palm Beach by slow boat from Sihanoukville. The area is a stunning landscape of natural jungle and is very popular for single travelers and families looking for a quiet beach with good food and well priced accommodation.

Nature Beach is a small deserted beach on the east coast of Koh Rong. The beach is in a small bay and is accessible by boat or by road. This is a great location for a day out 0f sun baking or trekking and surrounded by natural jungle and turquoise blue water, it is a beautiful quiet place for all types of travelers.

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